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Wooww stylish wolverine gangnam style with psy oppa

Korean pop sensation , Psy , recently kicked off Australia with his trademark dance and song , Gangnam Style . Not just dancing with her ​​fans , she also danced with several artists in the country’s kangaroo , one of them , the cast of Wolverine , Hugh Jackman .

This morning , Psy rumored gig at the Sunrise show on Australian television channel , Channel 7 . According to the website , there are a lot of fans already Psy who waited for hours watching the celebrities danced his trademark style .

Psy set foot clad in Louboutin sneakers for 1,000 U.S. dollars in Australia yesterday , Tuesday ( 16/10 ) . In an instant , he drew the attention of the masses , the media , as well as celebrities such state .

Overnight , Psy could upload their pictures with famous actor Hugh Jackman on his Twitter account , followed by about 700 thousand other accounts . It seems both fun and pass the time exchanging ” science ” .

In the photo looks the character Wolverine danced Gangnam Style with Psy , and both appear to have the typical Wolverine claws .

In addition to dancing Gangnam Style with Jackman , Psy also reportedly appeared with his trademark dance with the former Spice Girl , Mel B.

Psy -style dance style famous jockey riding a horse and rocking his hips . Although the impression to the fun , it has been designing Psy dance style is quite long , and barely styled like it .

Judged tacky dance styles that emerged on the sidelines of a training session with the choreographer . In addition to riding style , Psy and choreographer had created a style of dance panda and kangaroo .

” For the world , this is a new dance style , but for the Korean community , this is one style of dance Psy . I always do a tacky dance styles like this long ago , ” he said .

Added another man who often wore this tux , ” I spent so many nights with my choreographer . We even tried a lot of styles , not only riding style , but also the style panda , bear , much more . ”

Although the dance style won the hearts of many fans and emulated many people , Psy had felt embarrassed by this dance .

” Between shame and feel the same . Currently first time dancing this style , there is a sense of shame , but when people do that dance , then they will feel equal after this , ” he said .

To show Sunrise with Channel 7 , Psy given the opportunity to dance on stage with a length of 15 meters , complete with arrangement of lights and barricades for the thousands of fans who came to watch the outdoor concert .

One of the fans who came to the event , Daeun Lee , who came from South Korea , said , ” We think Psy will only really famous in Korea , did not expect to like this . This is the first time a Korean singer became famous in Around the world , very proud . ”

When asked if he feared known as the only famous person with only 1 hit song , Psy replied , ” If I was only hit once known as the solver , not a problem , because I do not think the response would be this big , and I do not pull out effort to be like this . Honestly , before Gangnam Style fame , I am not the person responsible . I’m just an artist , so , I hate responsibility . What I do now is the first step for Korean pop history . “

March 28, 2014 Life Style

Make donuts

Time: 1 hour


6 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder,

2 eggs

1 lemon,

icing sugar




In a large bowl beat the eggs, sugar, a little lemon zest, yeast and a tablespoon of water until mixed well and increase in volume. Then, and while beating, add six tablespoons, then add the flour to get a very soft dough.

Hands powdered flour donuts are made, giving a shallow cut around. Then fry in oil is not too hot until brown. Once at the point, drain oil, passing them to a plate which are dusted with icing sugar before they cool, thus being ready to serve.

September 12, 2013 Recipes